Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Corningware French White 7-Piece Set (Round)

Ready stock Malaysia, RM159 for booking :)
French White ni nice sangat in real :)
Practical ye, boleh masuk oven & serve kat tetamu.
Worth sangat2, RM159 deposit, installment accepted :)

Corningware French White 7-Piece Set (Round)
Prepare, cook and serve on the table with this 7-piece French White bakeware set. Perfect for oven-to-table dishes, this classic set features 7 pieces in a variety of sizes and shapes like round and rectangle casserole and ramekins to accommodate all of your favorite dishes. The bakeware is bright white with a fluted ceramic design and clear plastic covers.
This 8-piece white bakeware set features ceramic bakeware, which is oven-safe up to 450 degrees. Indulge in casseroles, baked dishes and baked desserts like fruit crumbles, and save on cleanup by cooking and serving in one dish. Don't waste dishes or time! These dishes are great for entertaining a large party or for cooking a big dinner for the family.

The 7-piece French White bakeware set includes:
2.3L round dish with glass and plastic cover
1.4L round dish with glass and plastic cover
473ml round dish