Friday, March 23, 2012

Coach Cupcake ID Lanyard 61380

Seriously, sgt2 sweeeeet!!! 
Only 3 units in hand :)
Pls add RM6 West Msia / RM9 East Msia
RM100 for booking :)

Reserved by Nini
Reserved by Inna
Reserved by Farah
Reserved by Farah H. (preorder)

Coach Cupcake ID Lanyard 61380
This fabulous lanyard is perfect for those times you don't want to carry your purse or to wear your work or college identification in! 
Signature Khaki Jacquard Fabric
Pink Pearlized Leather Trim
Cupcake made from pink leather embossed with Coach signature.
Slip Pocket on Back for ID
1 slip Pocket on Front
Measures Approx. 2.75" x 4"